StandOut Software + Services Delivers Inspiring Presentations

Three Keys to Our Successful Presentation System
  1. Leverage our proprietary StandOut multimedia presentation software for broadcast level motion graphic visuals, guaranteed to enhance your executive presentation.
  2. Tap into our talented and creative motion graphics design expertise and services to create thematic and engaging cinematic-style visuals that will elevate your message to a whole new level..
  3. Rely on our backstage operational support at the presentation event (or we can train your staff) to deliver the best possible visual experience possible.

StandOut Multimedia Presentation Software

lineElectric Rain spent three years developing its own proprietary multimedia presentation software, which consists of two software applications: StandOut Designer Edition - allowing our in-house designers to build compelling, animated and graphically rich presentations around our clients content and message, while StandOut Presenter Edition enables our operational support staff to easily edit and make updates to the presentation without the need of the designer onsite. The result is the smooth blending of attractive design with a presenter’s specific content to deliver remarkable presentations, with the flexibility of last minute editing leading up to the event without needing the designer involved.

Click to see - StandOut Designer Edition Click to see - StandOut Presenter Edition Click to Watch a Sample Presentation - 961 kb
Creative Services & Process

StandOut Presentations are built by our in-house professional designers using Microsoft Expression Blend and our StandOut Designer Edition. Based on you message, we identify design themes, visual metaphors, and branding of your message. A complete presentation is made up of many different layouts to hold and deliver all the types of presenters content (text, graphics, charts, videos, audio, etc.). All StandOut presentations leverage rich motion and creative storytelling techniques to display client content in a compelling cinematic style that keeps an audience engaged from beginning to end.

Our project managers and internal design team have been trained to execute our proven creative workflow process from start to finish. Our process starts by listening to our clients needs and extracting the main message points that need to be conveyed graphically. Then our team works closely through an iterative process to build, design and deliver a high-end custom presentation (that is editable) using our very own StandOut multimedia software.

The typical lead time for an engagement is 5-8 weeks before an event and follows our creative workflow process:

    1. Event Overview / Requirements / Proposal
    2. Discovery Process
      1. Extract main content / message / sections of speech
    3. Creative Process
      1. Mood boards to determine the look and feel, theme
      2. 2-3 Compositions for direction (color, 3d, icons, metaphors)
      3. Static storyboard examples – animation tests / feasibility
      4. Determine how content will transition between layouts and between content swaps etc with use of broadcast quality effects.
    4. Production / Revisions
    5. Delivery / Execution


Electric Rain Onsite Support and Presentation Execution Services

When all is said and done, its the final presentation delivery and execution that means everything, and you can count on Electric Rain during crunch time. Electric Rain provides end-to-end and turn-key support. From concept and design, all the way to backstage editing, control, and execution of the live presentation for the executive.

We have the experience and steadiness of providing backstage editing and execution support for Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, Robby Bach, and Ray Ozzie for events such as CES 2009, PDC 2008, MGX 2008, and MIX 2008.

StandOut Software + Creative Services Fee's
Our fee's are based on an individual project scope. If you need a quote for your project, please contact Mike Soucie at with some basic information about your presentation project / executive speech needs.