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Electric Rain® offering Ideaworks3D® Optimaze!ä to designers and developers for compression of Macromedia® Flashä (SWF) files for better Web delivery

Boulder, CO – July 8, 2002 - Today Electric Rain, Inc. announced the start of their U.S. distributor and reseller program for Optimaze!. Optimaze!, produced by UK-based Ideaworks3D, is a vector compression tool allowing Flash users to optimize their SWF files for better Web delivery. Optimaze! is the first product of its kind to efficiently compress the vector graphics within SWF files an average of 35% without any significant quality loss.

“After seeing the impressive results from Optimaze! with both Flash and Swift 3D output, we knew this was going to be a hot product,” explained Mike Soucie, President/CEO of Electric Rain, Inc. “Every Flash developer out there is concerned with the size of their files and Optimaze! delivers significant increases in file efficiency while providing users with total control over which aspects of their files they want to optimize.”

Optimaze! is a post-production tool that provides Flash developers with optimization capabilities extending far beyond those found within Macromedia Flash. This compression process can be applied across entire SWF files, or just selected movie clips within the SWF. It gives the user full control over the compression process, while offering a real-time preview of the results. It’s possible to fine tune files at a frame-by-frame level, or make sweeping reductions across entire SWF files in a matter of seconds. The end result is a faster loading file that plays better in the Flash Player.

Optimaze! offers Flash developers the ability to create bandwidth-specific versions of their Web content and can be used to maximize efficiency of SWF files for delivery to handheld computers, PDAs, cellular phones and other Internet appliances that support the Flash player. Optimaze! also provides a collection of artistic effects that can enhance the creative process by allowing designers to apply vector-based filters to their animations. Optimaze! works with all tools that output vector graphics to the Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format.

Electric Rain is currently selling Optimaze! through their http://www.optimaze.us Web site. The SRP of Optimaze! is $129.00 USD and is currently available on the Windows platform only. Electric Rain is offering FREE shipping on US orders placed before July 14, as well as discounted bundling deals of Optimaze!, the entire Swift 3D product line, and Macromedia Flash 8.

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