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New Office PowerPoint 2007 Add-in converts slideshows into Silverlight-based presentations with full animation fidelity and easy deployment to the Web.

Boulder, CO – October 19, 2009 – Today Electric Rain® released Convexion™ converter for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. Convexion is the first Add-in of its kind to convert Office PowerPoint 2007 slideshows to Microsoft Silverlight-based presentations while retaining the animation scheme and accurate slide layout. Convexion allows Office PowerPoint 2007 users to produce cross-platform, Web-deployable presentations with the click of a button.

Electric Rain Convexion works as an Add-in for Office PowerPoint 2007. The converter is accessed from the Office PowerPoint 2007 menu system and shows up directly in the Ribbon toolbar when active. Users can expose a Converter Settings interface where they have control over basic export options such as presentation size, image resolution, player style, etc. Once converter settings have been adjusted the conversion to Silverlight is handled through a single button click within the Office PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon.

There are two versions of the Add-in available, Convexion Standard and Convexion Pro. The standard version provides presenters, businesses, and educators the ability to convert presentations to the Silverlight format as .XAP + HTML files ready for publishing to web sites, or to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) format as a single .EXE file for desktop playback and easy single-file sharing and distribution. The Pro version of Convexion is for professional designers and developers and adds the ability to export the converted presentation to a XAML project for each of Silverlight or WPF formats so they can be further edited and customized within Microsoft Expression Blend or Microsoft Visual Studio.

"Convexion addresses the distinct need to publish original Office PowerPoint 2007 content on the web while also conveying complex messaging found through inter-slide animations of charts, graphs, and diagrams, as well as offering secure content control for distribution." said Mike Soucie, CEO of Electric Rain. "Now that Silverlight is an established cross-platform standard on the web, Convexion provides new opportunities for businesses, educators, and presenters needing to publish and distribute their original slideshow content for both online and offline playback without sacrificing any of their rich delivery effects. Additionally, the viewing audience is unable to access or edit the source content, making it very secure for offline distribution."

Primary Features of Convexion:

  • One-click conversion to Silverlight (XAP + HTML) and WPF .EXE files
  • Export of Silverlight and WPF .SLN projects for editing in Expression Blend (Convexion Pro)
  • Supports the most common slide transitions and object animations such as wipe, fade, blinds, split, wedge, and other custom animations that use scaling, rotation and motion
  • Converts images, text, embedded video and audio, shapes, diagrams, charts and ink
  • Control over exported image resolution to reduce files size for web publishing
  • Support for the ‘Install to Desktop’ feature in Silverlight 3 for secure offline viewing
  • User control over presentation player size, layout and style (skins)

“Microsoft is excited to see products, such as Electric Rain’s Convexion, that demonstrate the broad range of applications possible with Silverlight,” said Steve Sklepowich, director for Silverlight at Microsoft Corp. “Convexion leverages the rich media capabilities of Silverlight to deliver a streamlined and efficient publishing process, extending the reach of Office PowerPoint 2007 applications.”

Convexion 1.0 for Windows is now available online from the Electric Rain website for $149.00 USD for the Standard version and $199.00 USD for the Pro version. For more information please visit:

Electric Rain is currently licensing the core converter technology employed within Convexion to third-party ISVs for integration into other products and services. For more information on licensing this technology please visit:

About Electric Rain

Electric Rain is a Boulder, Colorado-based software company with a vision of bringing easy-to-use multimedia creation and editing tools to business and design professionals. Electric Rain has become the industry-leading developer of 3D Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight & WPF solutions with its flagship products Swift 3D and ZAM 3D. Electric Rain's partners include Adobe, Autodesk, and Microsoft.

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